Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Pictures!

Thanks for the pictures Celeste!

Jory & Dagen

The whole family (that was there)

Me and Jory on the train ride. We barely fit inside!

Jory loves Go-carts

Me and Sydney. I love having neices and nephews. That's what's great about getting married. One day I had none, the next day I had tons!


Casey said...

Haha that's what happened to me. I always wanted nieces and nephews and then I got a bunch when I got married! Wonderful marriage.

Jeremy.Celeste said...

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I really can't tell you how much I love your header on you blog. Yes neices and nephews are so fun. I am so thankful my children have such great uncles and aunts. Love you guys.

Babette said...

Looks like you had fun over the weekend with Jory's family! I'm glad you got to enjoy yourself. I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks here. Mom

Babette said...

I was just wondering? When is Jory's birthday? Mom

Kelsey and Dallas said...

HI FRIEND!! I have a blog now too! i love all your pix, it makes me miss you so much. add me so i can continue spyin gon you! :)

and send me your address too please so i can send you an announcement!

Lindsay said...

in my kids opinion you are definetly one for their favorite aunts ever!!!! Can you tell me how you did your header? It is so dang cute!!