Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pizza Edge

Today was a crazy day at Pizza Edge. This guys came in and ordered pizza. He asked me if I went to school here in 3rd grade. I said yes I did. Then he asked me my name and then said he thinks I was in his class. So I asked him his name (of course I couldn't remember a Sheldon Yazzie from 3rd grade), then I asked him who his teacher was. He said Mrs. Douthit. It just so happens that that was my 3rd grade teacher! I was suprised he remembered me all the way from 3rd grade. But I guess it's kind of hard to forget the only white girl in your class that always brings pizza. Then I was filling cups of crushed red pepper. I decided to sit down because my feet really hurt. I'm not use to standing for so long. Well the table is really high so I was eye level with the red pepper. I started filling the cups and after a while my face and nose started to burn bad! I had to put ice all over my face. I thought I might actually die. So I learned my lesson. Don't ever sit eye level with crushed red pepper! Anyway, I'm glad I'm home and sad I missed Conference, but we recorded, so we'll watch it later!

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Jeremy.Celeste said...

You are so funny. Sorry you didn't get to watch conference. I didn't either. Three boys, just really keep me on my toes when Jeremy isn't around. They were crazy. I mean CRAZY. But, I love them and that is all that matters right! Probably not a good idea to sit eye level with crushed red pepper. Glad to hear you learned your lesson.