Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm finally updating!

This weekend was my friend Moriah's wedding. Jory couldn't go because he had a campout with the scouts and since he's the Scout Master, he had to go. So I picked up my friend, Terra in Flagstaff and we drove to Mesa. I had a lot of fun even though it was as short weekend. Moriah's sealing was the first I had been to since me and Jory got married. So it was fun to hear all the blessings again, because I sure didn't remember them!

Me, Terra and Moriah

Moriah and Brad

Jory had a lot of fun on his campout. They went ice fishing and he actually caught a fish. His second one in his whole life. He was pretty excited! He said the trick is listening to country music while you're fishing.

It was good to come back home and see my husband again! I miss him when we're apart!