Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today Jory and I went to the Monticello temple. We've decided to go to the temple once a week. I'm so glad we went today. It was such a great experience. I had never been to any other temple, but Mesa so it was a new experience for me. It was so small! But that's okay. Me and Jory were the witness couple for our first time ever, so I was a little nervous because I really still don't know what I'm doing. But it was all ok. We were the only young couple there today, so I guess they had no other choice! I had a little old lady sit by me. I would help her all the time, so we became friends. I really like the temple, everyone's so friendly. Jory and I both felt like Madison and McKenzie were there with us. I even felt like they were there on the way to the temple. I kept looking in the backseat to look, but I didn't see anybody. It's so good to know that we were doing the right thing. It was like they were there to tell us "good job." I'm so glad that I know that we are an eternal family and we'll get to see them again. I feel like they are our little angels protecting us. I love going to the temple. It puts me in a good, happy mood. I can't wait to go next week.

Then, we stopped in Mounument Valley at the little jewelry shops they have there. We ended up talking to this guy about the church because he asked why we were all dressed up. So that was exciting. I like talking to people about what I know! I invited him to church even. He won't come, but at least I tried. I wanted to get this twisted bracelet thing with an opal stone on it, but of course they didn't have what I wanted. I've been looking for it for years. Then I was going to get opal earrings, but the guy only excepted cash and I didn't have any. So I didn't get what I wanted, but I did come away with a mouth full of sand. That's always fun.

When we got back to Kayenta we stopped by the pizza store. It was so full of people even before dinner time! So that's always good!

Anyway, I just had a great day today, so I thought I'd share! Hope you did too!


Casey said...

How far away is that temple from where you live? I have never even heard of that temple.

Casey said...

Oh wow, so it's in Utah? That's crazy. I guess you aren't too far from the border. That's crazy that you two are gonna go every week when you live two hours away. That's dedication. Bytheway. That blog post made me tear up a little. You are so awesome Chani.

Babette said...

That sure makes me feel good they were with you guys on the way and in the temple. Pretty cool! I love you!

Jeremy.Celeste said...

What a special day that was for you. It is always such a special treat to be able to go to the temple, let alone be the witness couple. I can't wait till Rykin is old enough so Jeremy and I can go again. What a very special experience you had feeling your sweet daughters are there with you. You made me cry. What a special little couple you and Jory are. We love you so much.