Saturday, August 28, 2010

Laughlin/Las Vegas Trip

At the beginning of August we we to Laughlin and Las Vegas with my family.

Miki showing Dad how to drive

The first day we rode up the river. We had 4 jet skis and a jet boat that my dad bought for Mikelle so she could go too.

Baby feet and big thighs!

She loves chewing on cords!

Me and Miki Moo

Chad had bread and was feeding the birds.

Keeping that baby hydrated

The next day we went to Las Vegas and stayed in a resort. That night we went to a show called "The Mentalist." Me and Jory had to leave a little early because Mik was crying every time people would clap. She knows when her bedtime is and sure lets you know it! (I just noticed in the background it says Stripper Bar...haha)

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon swimming at the resort. Mik loves the water.

We played water volleyball

Chad and Jory in the jacuzzi. It was over a 100 degrees...I have no clue why they were in there!

Later that day we went to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from the show "Pawn Stars."

We got lucky and walked out just as Corey was pulling up, so we didn't even have to wait to take a picture with him.

The night we went bowling at The Orleans.

Miki was naughty again...she was tired.

Me and Dani

Bri told me I'm her favorite sister after spending all summer at our house.

My crazy mom. She just got a strike.

Jory excited about getting a strike.

Me and Jor

After bowling we ate at the Buffet at The Orleans. It was steak and crab legs night. I was so excited. Jory doesn't like seafood, so I hardly ever get it.
Dani feeding Mikelle chocolate. She loved it of course. My family tries to feed her all kinds of treats when I'm not looking!

It was a lot of fun! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 Months

Mikelle is now 7 months. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She loves sitting and playing on the floor with her toys. She's looking more and more like she's going to crawl soon. She talks like crazy. She says "mama" but I don't know if she associates it with me yet. She knows that when there is a camera in front of her face, she is supposed to smile. She just keeps getting smarter and smarter. She is getting too smart for me! She is so much fun to have! We love our Mikellie

Rhoton Family Vacation

In July we went to Indio, California with all of Jory's brother's families. It was about a million degrees, but it was still a lot of fun. We went swimming, some people went to Disneyland and some people went to Legoland. Me and Jory just stayed at the resort with a grouchy baby. Mikelle was constipated the whole time we were there. She was good most of the time, but was in a lot of pain. Mikelle's starting to get a lot harder to travel with. She used to just go with the flow, but now she knows when it's nap time and bed time. And she'll let you know!

I only took two pictures... I even told Jory to remind me to take pictures!