Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bashas and freaky guys

I really hate going to Bashas here. I feel like I'm in the dirtiest part of Mexico, the foods really expensive and is usually really close to expiring. Well today I went and I was actually enjoying myself. Until at very end of my little trip this guy comes up to me. I kind of recognized him. I think he's come into Pizza Edge before. He asks me where I was from. I said here. He said aren't you from Blanding or someting. I say no, me and my HUSBAND just moved here. ( He didn't get the hint). I told him I use to live in Thatcher though. Then he starts talking about how windy it is here and what I thought about it. I told him I have lived here before, so I was use to it. Then he starts saying other things about him moving away for a while....by this point I wasn't really listening, just nodding my head. I started looking at things in the aisle (he still wasn't getting the hint) then I finally started backing up a little bit and he finally left. I hate freaky guys that try to talk to me. I thought that once I was married I wouldn't have to worry about this anymore. Nope, I still do. Marriage means nothing to them. When we first moved here I was working and this guy came to the window and ordered some food. The guy in the passenger seat started talking to me (i think he was drunk) and asking me if I wanted to go on a date with him (first of all- gross! He was over half my age). I told him I was married. He said oh it's ok we can just meet up sometime. Gross! I told him no I don't do that and I especially wouldn't with him! When they came back I was going to have Jory help them and chew that guy out. But just the guy driving came back, not the drunk one, luckily! I'm really sick of creepy guys.


Casey said...

Freaky is RIGHT.

Babette said...

That's funny Chani! Get use to it. It will keep happening. When they ask if you want to go out, tell them wait let me go get my husband and you can ask him! See how fast they leave.

Lindsay said...

gross!!1 just run away!!