Friday, April 23, 2010

4 months!

Time just flies by. I can't believe Mikelle is already 4 months. She is getting so big. She had to get shots again yesterday. I just hate that. I don't like hearing her scream or be in pain.
Our little Mik is:
15lbs 11oz- 90%
24.5 inches long- 63%
Her head is 38.8 cm- 5%

So she has a big body and a really small head. Haha, I thought her head was finally catching up with the rest of her body, but I guess not!

She is learning so much all the time. She loves to stand up. She would rather stand up then sit down. She knows how to scoot down in her chair if she's not buckled up. She loves me helping her roll over. I pull her to her side and then she does the rest. She pulls my hair all the time and pulls on my shirt when I'm trying to lay her down. She can grasp toys and holds them for a long time. She loves having her picture taken (probably because there is always a camera in her face!). She loves watching us eat. She sits in her bumbo drooling over our food and licking her lips. Today we had her try rice cereal and she loved it. She just didn't know what to do with the spoon. She was sucking on it like crazy. We think she's the funniest thing in the world. We love our little girl! I don't know what we would do without her!

I love that smile!

Anytime she has a shirt she can lift up she tries to suck on it

She looks like she hated it, but she really loved it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our week in Thatcher

Last week Mikelle and I got to spend a week in Thatcher. Jory had to stay home and work, so he took me to Flagstaff and my mom came to Flag and picked me up. We did all kinds of things while we were there.

Bri wanted to take pictures with her favorite baby before Morp.

Little Bunny

Of course Grandma had to take tons of pictures

For Family Home Evening we had a bonfire at our ranch

Dani and Bryce had dinner with the Carter's that night and Bri had a tennis match, so it was just me and Rocki and Chad...and of course Sheriff (the dog)

Mikelle was always so tired by bedtime

We got to hangout in the jacuzzi with Grandpa

My mom wanted to get a picture by the Mexico map to send to Derek...she's a funny lady!

We also we to visit the Rhoton family, where everyone fought over her. We visited my friends Rocki and Stefani who just had babies. They made me want to move back to Thatcher really bad! And we went to Tucson to go shopping. It was a very fun week, but it's always good to come home!