Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Madison and McKenzie's 4th Birthday

On August 25 and 26 was Madison and McKenzie's 4th Birthday. I can't believe it has already been 4 years! Miki knows all about her big sissies and is always excited to go visit them.

Vegas Vacation

 At the beginning of August my parents planned a family trip to Las Vegas. It's the first time in a long time that everyone was able to go together. Of course, like every vacation we take we had some kind of problem. Luckily it wasn't too bad this time. We were taking boats and jet ski's for the boys to go to Lake Mead, but the boat trailer's lights weren't working. Luckily, Jory is smart and was able to figure out the problem and fix it.
It was over 100 degrees and it was night time!

The pregnant girls. I think this is the only picture we have taken together since being pregnant.

We spent a lot of time swimming. Miki loved it and so did I. Especially since it was a million degrees outside and I was hot!
We bought her some new floaties and she loved them. She would swim all over the place with them on.

The river pool. Miki's favorite.

Cute little girl
One night we went to "The Tournament of Kings" at Excalibur and played some games before the show.

Since she was the only kid there, everyone would win prizes for her. She is spoiled!

Tournament of Kings
Of course, we went shopping while we were there. One stop was the M&M Store
Miki loved all these M&M people everywhere

At the mall on the carousel

Since she didn't get as much sleep as she was used to, Miki had an attitude the entire time.
We also went to a Criss Angel show, but we couldn't take pictures. It was a fun trip, but I decided next time I don't want to be pregnant when we go. It's hard to walk around that place!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


On July 5th I had an ultrasound scheduled in Tucson, since July 4th was a Wednesday the ultrasound people weren't coming that week. The doctor said she didn't want me to go 3 weeks between ultrasounds so I said I would go to Tucson. We left on July 3rd and stayed in my parents resort. They also decided to come with us for a mini vacation.

On the 4th we took Miki to Tucson's Children Museum. I was so excited to take her because it looked like a lot of fun, but it wasn't what I thought it would be. Miki had a lot of fun though!

This area was probably the most fun. It was a little grocery store. But it was so crowded Miki was afraid to do anything.

As soon as we walked out all Miki wanted to do was run around in the grass. We should have just took her to a park!

Toward the end up July my parents got a resort in Tucson for a whole week, so my mom could take my dad to all his doctor appointments. Some of the kids got to come for part of the week.

It was fun just being able to swim whenever we wanted! Miki loved it, especially after 3 weeks of swimming lessons with her Aunt Bri.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


At the beginning of June, my dad ended up in the hospital. He got home from selling a car and didn't feel good. Luckily, Dani, the nurse happened to be in town that day. She checked his pulse and couldn't find it, then checked his blood pressure and it was really low. She told him to go to the ER, but he wanted to lay down for a while. Finally, he decided he needed to go to the hospital, but he couldn't get up to go. So, Dani had to call 911 for an ambulance. I happened to be driving up to my parents house at this time and me and Miki saw the ambulance parked in front of the neighbors house. Miki thought it was a fire truck and wanted to go see it. So we started walking towards it. Then I noticed my dad coming out on a stretcher. That was a scary sight, since I had no clue what was going on. At the hospital, they put in a temporary pacemaker, so his heart would keep beating and then flew him to Tucson. He ended up having to much potassium in his system and it was killing him.
At the hospital in Safford

Getting ready to fly him to Tucson

My dad has always wanted to ride in a helicopter, just not this way!

Out of the ICU in Tucson.

He was able to come home a few days later and luckily didn't need a pacemaker like we all were thinking.