Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This weekend we went to American Fork, Utah for a baby blessing for Rykin (Jory's sister's baby). We had a lot of fun. So of course I had to blog about it! Haha

This is Monument Valley. It's only 30 minutes from our house.

The Monticello temple, I've never been there, but it's only 2 hours from our house. It's the closest temple to us. We stopped in Monticello to eat and we asked them where the temple was. They said it was right behind us. It was the one with the big gold statue on it. I guess I should be more observant!

Jory trying to ride Easton's bike. He bent the training wheels on it because he was so heavy, but he fixed it! Sorry Celeste!

Me and Jory

On Saturday we went to Liberty Land. We had a lot of fun! My favorite was the bumper boats even though I got soaked!

My hot husband!

Me and Easton on the Carousel

Zoom into Jory's face. It cracks me up. He's really getting into shooting that water!

I got to see my friends while I was there. This is Brittani! I love her! I haven't seen her since December, so I was really excited to get to visit her.

This is Sonya! I love her too!

Jory took this picture while he was driving. He's amazing.

We had a lot of fun seeing Jory's family. I just need to get more pictures now. So send them to me Celeste! Thanks!


Casey said...

Looks like you had fun here. Good! How did you make that cool header thingy on the top. tell tell tell.

Lindsay said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys. We already miss you. Yes, Chani, Blayne is your friend!! We are trying to figure out a time to come see you again. Let us know your schedule so we can make some plans. We love you guys.

Casey said...

I did, I did! I like that site a lot. I'm obsessed. Thanks for telling me about it!

Babette said...

I love the pic of the Temple and Mounment Valley! Mom