Sunday, November 2, 2008


We have pets now! Two little fish. They are really cool fish. They glow when you put them under a black light. One is neon pink and the other is orange. They survived a two hour car ride so I'm hoping we can keep them alive for awhile. I like having something to take care of...besides Jory!


Lindsay said...

we've been thinking about getting fish, that would be the only pet I would ever attempt. let me know if they survive. I don't think the kids would do well if they die very easy

Jeremy.Celeste said...

What a fun little pet to have and take care of! You two are so funny. I hope you are enjoying them. Love the new look of your blog. Super cute! Glad you are having fun with things! Love ya guys!

Bryce and Jaci said...

Good luck with them. I've never been able to keep fish alive. {perhaps it could be that I'd forget about them.oops.} They look cool.