Sunday, November 3, 2013

September 2013

Nothing too exciting happened in September, but I was obviously too busy to take very many pictures. 
Jake loves to steal Miki's sippy. He can get away with it when she's not looking too!
Love him!
Love that cheesy smile. He can sure get away with naughty things by just flashing that smile!
Jake enjoying the ride!
2 sleeping babies on me. I was stuck there for awhile. 

Helping Grammy with the dishes 
One Saturday morning there was a hot air balloon flying over our neighborhood. The kids sure liked to see it.
He is constantly crawling under chairs and getting stuck. 
My grandma trying on shoes she would never wear. It was hilarious watching her walk in them and saying, "Do people actually wear these?!"

Licking the plate clean!

We went up to Alpine for what was supposed to be a few days. Our room in the cabin. 
Enjoying the view. Both kids ended up getting sick and then I got sick. So we left early. It was a miserable trip. Maybe we will be able to re-do it another time!
Sharing...a miracle!

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