Sunday, November 3, 2013

October 2013

October! My favorite month! I was so sad to miss it last year while I was on bed rest. So I tried making up for it this year. 

We went to the Graham County Fair. Miki got to ride lots of rides. That was definitely her favorite part!
Of course we had to stop by the tractors!
Jory, Rocki and Bryce on the newest fair ride.  
Miki on her favorite ride...the train. 
My boys. Jakey loved all the lights.
Flying elephant 
The big slide, another favorite.
The carousel 

Jake is our little monster. He gets into everything! Especially now that he's walking. He's 11 months and growing so fast! I have to stick him in the bathtub while I shower so he doesn't crawl in. We ended up getting glass shower doors because he's so crazy! (I've wanted them ever since we moved in, but now we finally had an excuse to do it.)
He climbs everywhere!
Right before bedtime one night when Jory was out of town. They sure loved snuggling in my bed!

One day on the way home from my parent's Miki said she wanted to go say hi to her sisters. She is such a sweet girl. 
Helping mom sweep. 
Happy 29th birthday Jory! You're getting old! 
We had dinner at The Branding Iron with Dani and Bryce and then went back to my parent's to open presents and eat ice cream cake. 
Miki helping dad open presents...practicing for her birthday. 

Jake pulled out the bottom rack of the dishwasher and drove it around the house like it was a car. I'm telling you...he's a monster!
Pumpkin carving FHE. Jake was too tired to make it out to see the end result!
Climbing under my bed. At least he finally figured out how to get out by himself. Crazy boy!
Halloween! I sure do love my princess and little monster! 
Can they get any cuter?

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