Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Easton & Dagen

Easton & Dagen (Jeremy & Celeste's boys) came and stayed with us a few days. We had lots of fun. We ate tons of pizza and ice cream, went and saw "Bedtime Stories," rode the 4-wheeler, played video games, and watched "Transformers" over and over again. Here are some pictures:

Getting ready to leave. They came back after 10 minutes because it was too muddy. They had mud all over them.

I thought this was so cute.

Dagen driving.

He tried talking to the little girl behind him several times and wanted to play with her. She wasn't very nice and just ignored him.

Easton concentrating on driving

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Jeremy.Celeste said...

Yeah, you finally posted the pictures, I have so been longing for. I love the picture of the two of them on the chair hugging. See, they do love each other. Thanks again for watching them. It looks like they had tons of fun. Next time, it will have to be a whole family event instead of just the boys. We love you. Thanks a million.