Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break in Texas

For Spring Break last week my whole family (minus Jory) and my Grandpa Jim (my mom's dad) went to San Antonio Texas. Jory had to work and we sure missed him, but we had a lot of fun!

Day 1:

The first day we traveled. We left from Las Cruces, NM where we stayed the night before and picked up Dani and Bryce. It took all day to get there (it didn't help that we added 2 extra hours because of the time change). We took lots of breaks. On I-10 in Texas there were rest stops about every 90 miles. This is one of the stops. Miki loved getting out of her car seat and running around and playing.

Day 2:

Our first full day in Texas we just stayed at the resort all day and recovered from all the driving. We actually stayed in New Braunfels, which is about 45 minutes from San Antonio. We spent the day swimming and exploring the little town of Gruene and shopping at the little shops.

Day 3:

On Tuesday we went to Randolph Air Force Base, where my mom and grandpa lived for 2 years. We went to their old house and while we were there the lady that lived there drove up. She was moving to a house off base. We asked if we could help her move, so we got to see the inside of the house. After we were done she said we could look around. When my mom lived there they had 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. It has been remodeled since then and now has 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths.
They lived right on the flight line. When the jets would take off you couldn't hear anything. It also smelled like jet fuel around that area.
After driving around for a while we stopped at the Exchange, which was like a mini-mall and ate lunch and went shopping. The food area was like a food court at a mall, except it was very quiet. I felt like we were too loud. We all went a little crazy shopping because everything is cheaper there.
Modeling her new swimsuit we bought at the Exchange on base.

When we got home that night we celebrated Grandpa's 76th birthday with a red velvet cake we got at a German Bakery earlier that day.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!


Day 4:

On Wednesday we went to Sea World and had a lot of fun! This was Miki's favorite day.

We took Miki on some kid rides and she loved them all, but her favorite ride was the little playground slide.

We got to feed and pet dolphins. This was my favorite part of the day. I have always wanted to pet a dolphin.

We went to the aquarium and saw a diver feeding the fish and stingrays.

Miki loved the fish

Kissing the fish goodbye.

I went on one ride and Miki cried the whole time I was gone.

We went to the Shamu Show, which was another one of Miki's favorite things.

On the way out of the park, my dad decided Miki needed a dolphin Henna Tattoo. She was scared to death of the spray gun.

Trying to figure out what just happened to her.

On the way out Shamu was there to take pictures with kids. Miki was scared at first, then she realized it was Shamu so she gave him a hug and a kiss. 

So happy to be with Shamu

Holding her Shamu that is bigger then her.

Since Jory wasn't with us I had to get him something. He had told me a story of when he was younger, some of his family went to Sea World and brought him home a huge Shamu. He said he loved it so much, he would sleep with it and play with it on the trampoline. So I had to get the biggest Shamu they had. It turns out Miki liked it just as much as her dad did when he was little.

Day 5:

This was another stay-at-the-resort day. Miki had fun posing for the camera.

Day 6: The Alamo

On Friday we went to the Alamo. We had already been there 5 or 6 years ago, so it wasn't too exciting, but you have to go see the Alamo!

This tree was as old as my mom


I was glad I brought an extra shirt for her. She was soaked after playing in the water fountain.

The Alamo

After the Alamo, we walked down to the River Walk. We took a boat ride down the river.

Waiting in line for the boat.

After the boat ride we took a snack break. Too bad Miki was sleeping. She missed out on some good frozen yogurt!

Having fun shopping

We finally convinced Rocki to get her ears pierced. She was scared, but she finally did it!

Taking a break after walking around all day long.

My mom and Miki

We had a lot of fun in Texas! I wouldn't even mind living there someday!


Bryce and Dani Carter said...

That Miki makes me laugh. Miss her! Too bad we had to get back to real life!

The Hargrove Family said...

How fun!!! I loved looking at all those fun pictures. San Antonio is such a blast; we love going there. I'm glad you guys had a good time! : )

joelle said...

soo cute! I love Sea World!

justsoyouknow said...

Seems that that family had a blast. You spark in the eyes of your little just shows it.

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