Friday, June 17, 2011

Cowgirl Miki

Last Sunday, Miki picked out her own shoes for church, cowgirl boots. She didn't want to wear anything else. She was so proud of them. Later that night we went to feed my parents horses and then went to the Carter's house, where the new baby mule was staying. Miki loves all the animals.

Saying, "Chickens"

She sure is the cutest little cowgirl I've ever seen!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend Jory and I went to California with Rocki and Brett Nelson. We left the kids with the grandparents and drove 9 hours to Valencia, California, Friday night after Jory and Brett got off work. We got to the hotel around 2:30 am. I have not been up that late in a very long time. I was so tired that night and the next day.

Saturday morning we went to Six Flags. Of course I got sick on the first ride. So the rest of the morning I didn't want to go on any rides.

After lunch I felt a lot better, but by then the lines were super long. We waited 2 1/2 hours to ride one ride. It was so busy I just wanted to leave. I felt like I was turning into my mom. I just got sick of all the people and all the lines. I don't like waiting in line to use the bathroom!

After Six Flags we went to dinner at Red Lobster. Since it was my birthday in a week we decided to celebrate that night, and the next night at The Cheesecake Factory, and the next night at Texas Roadhouse. I was starting to get tired of all the dessert!

The next morning we drove to the Los Angeles Temple. We went to the Visitor's Center and took a million pictures around the temple.

This temple was so big and pretty. It's so weird to see it in the middle of the city.

After the temple we went to Hollywood. I was pretty excited. I had never been before and I was kind of disappointed. It's a very dirty place.

I found a star named, Cass Daley. I never heard of her before and was pretty excited we had the same last name and it was even spelled the same! I looked her up when I got home and found out it used to be spelled Dailey. She just changed it.

We went to a Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum and took a ton of pictures with wax people. I got excited when I saw Simon. Too bad he wasn't smiling!

Carrie Underwood

Jory wanted pictures with just about everyone.

Since Jory was kissing Angelina Jolie, I thought I should at least get a picture with Brad Pitt!

Zac Efron

Will Smith

Julia Roberts

Ryan Seacrest

Jory was Humphrey Bogart in a play in High School, so I made him take a picture by him.

John Wayne

Forrest Gump

Rocky Balboa

Sue Sylvester

Elton John's piano

Lance Armstrong

Kobe Bryant

After the wax museum we went on a tour of Hollywood. Supposedly this is the closest you can get to the Hollywood sign now. It's on a completely different mountain then the sign. We also saw a bunch of celebrity homes and different famous movies spots. But who knows if they actually are true. The tour guide was making all kinds of things up!

The tiny white blur is the the Hollywood sign.

We had a really fun trip! It was a nice break from Miki, even though I missed her a ton!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easter 2011

On the Saturday, before Easter, my cousin, Jen got married in the Mesa Temple. All the girls in my family (minus Bri) and my dad went to the wedding. While we were in the temple my little sister, Rocki watched Mikelle. I was nervous the whole time. So were my parents. My dad lectured Rocki about never letting Miki go to anyone Rocki didn't know because he was worried about her getting kidnapped. Which made me even more worried! But it turned out okay!

Me, Miki my grandma, Rocki, my cousin's wife Ashley and Dani

Me and Miki

Miki loved all the flowers around the temple

For Easter we were babysitting my brother Chad and sister Rocki, so we didn't do much. We had an Easter egg hunt and tried taking pictures. Miki wouldn't look at the camera at all. She liked the plastic eggs too much.

Our attempt at a family picture

Miki loved finding eggs. She knew exactly what to do without us telling her. After about 5 eggs she was done though, she figured she had all she needed.