Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness

We have done a lot of things since I've last blogged! On March 7th it was our 1 year anniversary. We went to Las Vegas and had a fun time. We were so excited to go and get out of Kayenta, that we woke up earlier then usual and got ready to go. I'm glad we did because it started snowing like crazy. This is what it looked like only 5 minutes out of town.

It took us 8 hours to get to Vegas, when it should have only taken us 6. The snow slowed us down, then when we got to Hoover Dam the traffic was horrible. I really never want to drive through that again. Then when we got to Vegas we accidently we down the strip. It took us an hour to go 4 miles.

The night we got there we went to a show called "V-The Variety Show." It was so funny. I'm so glad we decided to go. This is a picture of Jory in front of the entrance to the show.

This is the pool at our hotel. It had a shark tank in the middle of it, with a slide through the tank. We never did go swimming was too cold!

On Monday we met up with my family, and two other families in Indio, California for thier Spring Break. We went to Knott's Berry Farm on Tuesday. This is on the river rapids ride.

Jory and Bryce (Dani's fiance) in front of the silver bullet rollar coaster.

Our favorite thing to do there is have a 3-point shoot out with all the boys. Jory's my favorite one of course!

All the boys on the ride that gets you soaked!

After the ride, all wet. My mom calls them "her boys."

Jory and my dad on the river rapids.

The Twins. Beth Pursley, Rocki, Chad, and Kurtis Thatcher

My whole family at Knott's

That night all 19 of us went to eat at TGI Friday's. Jory was starving apperently because as soon as he finished his food, then all our food at our end, he went to the other end and ate all their food.

We went to Boomer's on Thursday. This was probably my favorite place. It had go-carts, bumper boats, a rock wall, free arcade games, and a mini golf course.

Chad, Rocki and Jory climbing the rock wall. Chad climbed all four walls and made it to the top of all of them. No one else could even come close.

We had a fun time in California. Thanks Mom & Dad for inviting us!

The next week was the Shamrock Foods Show. I loved them when I was little. You get to sample food all day long. Who wouldn't love that?
These are my cousins Claire and Allison Daley.

This is Anna. I love her big round head.

Last Saturday was my sister Dani's bridal shower. This is my favorite picture from the whole thing. She'll be mad I put it up, but her face is hilarious.

That night was also Morp for Derek and Bri. This is Derek and his date.

I didn't get one of Bri and her date, but that night Jory, Chad and I made crapes for her and 21 of her friends. It made me appreciate everything my parents did for me on my dates in high school.

We had a fun few weeks, but we're glad to be home for a while. At least until Dani's wedding in April.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

For Kara!

I promise I will update my blog as soon as we get home. We have been doing so many fun things, but I've had no computer to update my blog on. But, we got a new laptop now and Jory pretty much knows I'll be taking it over. We've had so many computer and electrical problems that I'm hoping we'll be good for a while. In January we had a power outage for a day and a half, then again in February. Then we had some surge protecters that were plugged in the wall pop and burn up. We figured out we had some kind of short and an electrical wire was touching another wire that it wasn't supposed too. So we got that fixed...then Jory's laptop got a virus, my desktop computer wouldn't turn on. So we sent both of them away to get fixed. We got Jory's back, but we had alreayd sold it, so we had to give it away right away. We got my computer back, but it wasn't fixed right, so we sent it back to them. Hopefully it's there when we get home. We had been saving up for a new laptop, so we finally got one. So hopefully this works for a long time. It's not very fun being disconneted from the world for 3 weeks. But Kara, I know you like looking at my blog, so I promise I will put some pictures up and tell you everything we've been up too. Oh, by the way...Jory and I have already been married ONE YEAR! It's amazing how time flies!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I wish...

I wish my computer worked, so I could update my blog and put up some pictures. But it doesn't. Sorry.