Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Update

This pregnancy had been going pretty good. My cervix was staying pretty strong. It was getting smaller, but not too bad.
24 weeks
Cervix 3.4 cm

26 weeks
Cervix 3.1 cm
At 28 weeks, I went in for my appointment my cervix was measuring in between 2.4-1.9. It was fluctuating which isn't good either. If it gets below 2.5 that is bed rest zone. So I was put on strict bed rest. I had a feeling that was going to happen, so that morning I cleaned my house really well. Cleaning had become a struggle anyway, because I would get tired fast or start hurting.So doing that probably was really bad for me. The night before we went to a Night Out thing and I had walked a few blocks and I knew it wasn't good for me. So I knew I had just done too much.
28 weeks
At 29 weeks (I had to go in a week later to check) my cervix was measuring 2.6 cm. So it had improved, but not good enough to take me off bed rest. The baby was looking good though and weighed 3 pounds 5 oz.
29 weeks
I have been on bed rest almost 4 weeks now and it is surprisingly going by pretty fast. I still have issues getting infections. I asked the doctor why it keeps happening and she didn't know. She told me my body just might not like being pregnant. She told me her goal is for me to make it to 34 weeks. My goal is now 36 weeks, which I think I can do. I am a lot better off right now then I was with Miki at this point in my pregnancy. If I have a baby before 36 weeks I will have to be flown to Tucson because the hospital here can't handle babies smaller then that. As much fun as I would be to go on my first helicopter ride, I don't want to be in that situation!