Friday, November 12, 2010

What a weird night...

Two nights ago, actually two mornings ago we heard a knock at our door around 3:00 am. Jory must not have been in a very deep sleep because he got up so fast. It was almost like he was a robot. He said he heard knocking and someone yelling for help. He answered the door and a lady wearing pajamas and no shoes came in asking him to call the cops. She was running away from her husband who had been beating her. By this time I got out of bed to see what was going on. She called the cops and told them to come help her because her husband had been beating her. She told me she got home from a trip at 11:00 and her husband who had been drinking started accusing her of cheating on him and started hitting her in her face and chest, pulled her hair, broke her glasses, so she couldn't even see very well. She finally snuck out of the house, but she couldn't take her shoes or her purse or he might notice. She tried running to her sister or cousin's house, but her gate was locked, then she tried the neighbor's house but their gate was locked. She saw our porch light on, so she came over hopping we were home. We waited and waited for the cops. She called them 3 other times, of course the lady on the other end was an idiot. I felt so bad for this lady, but I didn't know what to do for her. I gave her some water and ibuprofen, she said her husband wouldn't even let her get a drink. Finally the cops came after about 15-20 minutes (the police department is only like 3 minutes away). The lady was so mad, she just knew her husband had taken her purse and keys and was gone. The cop said he went to her house and no one answered. She finally left with the cop and who knows what happened. She said she was going to press charges (this was the 3rd time he had done this to her.) I'm sure we will never see her again. I felt so bad for her. I don't know why women put up with that. I never would. This whole experience made me so grateful for a good husband and made me want to move from here even more!

Jory says maybe would should start locking our gate...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Halloween

For Halloween Miki was a cow. We thought it fit perfectly since we call her Miki Moo. She was the cutest little cow I've ever seen!

She loves her friend Ryann.

Happy Birthday Jory!

On October 25th, Jory turned 26. It was a raining and cold day so we just stayed home. For his birthday I made him a Cardinals blanket and got him tickets to a Cardinals game. He sure was happy about that! Happy Birthday Jory! I love you!

She was not happy about taking a picture!