Tuesday, September 28, 2010

9 Months

Our little girl is 9 months old! She is getting so big and smart. She can now pull herself up onto furniture, but usually just to get something she sees. She LOVES her toys. She can sit forever and play by herself. She likes to eat shoes, napkins and pretty much anything else she's not supposed to eat. She can crawl, kind of. She doesn't do it very long or very much. She usually does 4 crawls and then gets down and army crawls because she's faster that way. She loves talking and babbling. She picks a word and says it all day long. It's usually mama. She doesn't like to be told to do something. She won't clap if you tell her to clap, or wave if you tell her to wave. She likes doing things when she feels like it.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 18 lb 7oz - 44%
Height: 28 in- 67%
Head: 42.5 cm- 13%

She's such a happy girl

Loves that tongue!

She loves to clap!

This is her army crawl

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Madison & McKenzie!

On August 25 and 26 it was 2 years since Madison and McKenzie were born. I decided every year for their birthdays I want to do some kind of service project. This year we made activity books for the hospital. I spent a lot of time in the hospital and was really bored, so I thought that these books might help pass the time for other people. The project went so fast, we forgot to take pictures, but afterwards we went and ate at R&R. My whole family and Jory's sister, Mindy and her kids were there.

It has been a crazy 2 years and I've learned a lot! I still think about them all the time and sometimes wish that I had my twin girls with me. Other times I wonder how I could have handled 2 babies at one time. I'm so glad I have Mikelle. She doesn't replace them, but she does make it easier! I know I will get to see and raise my girls someday. I'm so grateful my family can be together forever. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Thatcher Visit

Me and Mikelle got to spend 2 weeks in Thatcher, but before we went we met my family in Phoenix and all the boys went to a Cardinals game.

All the girls got to visit with my Grandpa Jim and Uncle Kenneth who was in town for work.

Rocki had a lot of fun with Mik. She looks like a little biker girl.

I got to see my cousin Megan who just had a baby. People have always told us we look alike (even though we are second cousins), but our girls look like their dads!

Miki loved the fountain outside my parents house.

She loves anything to do with water.

This visit she wasn't too sure about Grandpa. She cried most of the times he held her.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

8 months

My little Mik is 8 months old! She is getting so big! She can almost crawl. She gets up into a pushup postion and then gets on her knees, then rocks back and forth and falls. She wants to move so bad. She can clap her hands and wave. She gives "kisses," but only when she wants too. She says mama, but usually cries it. She says dada, hi and hello. She is such a cute little girl. We are so happy to have her.