Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Pictures & 5 Months

Mikelle is 5 months now. She is getting so big! She weighs 17 pounds. She loves playing with toys and eating everything. She likes sleeping with pillows around her and burying her face into one of them. She loves food! So far she's had rice cereal, bananas and pears. She tried green beans but DOES NOT like them! She's getting better at sleeping through the night. She only wakes up once or twice. Most times just once. She has been a really good baby. She hardly ever cries. We just love our little Miki baby so much! Oh yeah, and she's rolled over! She doesn't do it very often, but everytime she does we get really excited!

My mom took our family pictures and I love them. I can finally hang a picture up of all of us!