Sunday, September 8, 2013

July 2013

Happy 4th of July!

4th of July swim party
Matching mother like daughter 
Having a movie night after Jory spent the day in the ER
Growing up too fast!

One weekend in July we had an EA girl reunion. Most of us are married and have kids now. We had so much fun talking and staying up late! 
8 months old!
Doesn't get much cuter then that!
I found him playing in my shower one morning. Naughty boy!
Hanging out with her Rhoton cousins 
Pioneer Day parade 
Trying everything thing they can to get to each other! 
We went to church in Duncan one Sunday and got locked out of the Rhoton's house, so we broke into the freezer to eat popsicles and cool off!  
Miki's first bus ride. She loved it!
Enjoying time with mom and dad without Miki. 
Jory ended up getting surgery on his urethra to cut out scar tissue that was causing a blockage. Luckily, TMC had a meditation room. It was the perfect place to sleep and feed the baby! They even had big meditation pillows! It made my day a little easier!

June 2013

This summer my sister Bri taught Miki swim lessons. Miki loved it and loved her Teacher Bri!

I turned 26 on June 4th!
Princess Miki. She wanted to wear dress up clothes one day. 
Cousin bath time!
Finally found something she likes to watch...Barney!
Love that boy!
7 months old, learning to crawl 
I could kiss him all day! 
Monster Miki
Standing up
"I'm busy mom"
Callie girl, my first niece. 
Heading to Eagar for Sterling's bridal shower. We broke down twice with just a bunch of girls and babies with no service for our phones. We finally decided to say a prayer. After the prayer we never broke down again. And we even made it to the shower on time!