Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm pregnant!

We're having another baby! I'm due December 4th. We found out right after our San Antonio trip. Me and Jory were so excited since we had been trying for 7 months. It's gets very frustrating after a while. I can't imagine what some women go through! I called the doctor right away. They told me they don't see you until 10 weeks. I told them that wasn't going to work, I needed to go at 8 weeks because of all my problems. So at 8 weeks I met with my regular doctor. They scheduled an ultrasound and a meeting with a high-risk doctor at 10 weeks.
10 weeks (Thanks Miki for crinkling it up!)
I met with the high-risk doctor in an office (which I didn't get when I was pregnant with Miki). I told him my history (in detail). The whole time I was thinking that for sure I have an incompetent cervix and will need a cerclage (like with Miki). I had my mind made up and knew what I needed. He told me it sounded to him like I have more of a problem with pre-term labor. At first I was thinking he was wrong, but after talking to him more and with my mom later (she was at the appointment with me) I realized that he was right. He told me he didn't think I needed a cerclage, but if I felt more comfortable getting one then I should. But there are always risks with everything. With a cerclage it can cause problems and infections (which I had with Miki), and infections cause me to have contractions. So I thought about it for a few weeks ( I had to decided before 13 or 14 weeks). I talked to Jory and my parents and I felt good about not getting one this time. With an incompetent cervix it opens without contractions between 16-24 weeks. I had always had contractions. So I didn't end up getting a cerclage, but I am still being watched closely. Starting at 16 weeks I get an ultrasound every 2 weeks and a progesterone shot every week until 36 weeks to stop contractions before they start. The progesterone is very thick and stings going in and hurts sometimes for days afterwards. But I can always tell the day before I get it that I need it. I start feeling irritability in my uterus and after the shot it calms it down.
16 weeks

At 16 weeks my cervix was 4.5 cm. Good is 3cm. I have never had it so long! I was so happy and I felt good about my choice to not get a cerclage.

18 weeks
At 18 weeks we found out were were having a boy! Jory was so excited! I thought it was a boy because I have felt different this time. I haven't been as sick, which is so nice! My cervix was 3.8cm. I kind of freaked out because it had gone down a lot, but it was still good. He was looking at the "camera" the whole time. It's amazing a well those machines work. The ultrasound tech could see the pupil of his eye.
20 weeks

20 weeks

At 20 weeks my cervix was 3.9 cm. So it got a little bit better.

22 weeks
At 22 weeks my cervix was 3.4 cm. So in 6 weeks it has gone down more then a centimeter. I asked if that was normal and the tech said it can be. But if I ever feel weight on my cervix just sit down for a while, which I do. Luckily, this time around I know my body a whole lot better. It is still hard to know what "normal" is because I have never had a normal pregnancy. Luckily, I am not afraid to call the doctor this time around. And if I ever have a problem they are only 10 minutes away, instead of 2 hours with Miki and the twins.

I am 23 weeks now and have been feeling pretty good. My goal is to not be on bed rest and to make it to 37 weeks which is November 13th. If I make it past that it will be a miracle!

Easter and Summertime

I am finally trying to catch up my blog! For Easter this year we had some of the Rhoton's over to color eggs, have an egg hunt and eat lunch.

Potty training...she had to have her magazine and her phone

Dress up

Swimming in her new pool

I love this sweet girl!