Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miki Turns 2!

On December 23rd Miki turned 2. It's hard to believe I have a two year old, but she definitely acts like one! We had a small party at our house with the Rhoton's and the Daley's.

Miki was so excited to open her "bir-kay"

She finally learned that birthday's are fun and you get to open presents. Now anytime it is anyone else's birthday she will say, "Miki bir-kay."
I was so excited for her to open her kitchen. I knew she would love it.

She was loving unwrapping presents

Later that night my dad brought over another present for her since he wasn't able to come to her party.

Happy Birthday Miki! We love you!

At her 2 year appointment she weighed 31 lbs ( 90%) and is 36 inches tall (94%). So she is a big girl! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Derek is Home!

Derek is home! It has actually been a month since he's been home, but we were so happy to see him after 2 years! It felt like we were waiting forever, but it was only actually 30 minutes.
Pointing to his flight number

Miki had a sign that said, "Hello, my name is Miki," in Spanish

We would ask everyone that came through the doors if they saw a missionary coming. Finally one guy came out and said he was on his way.
We were so excited to finally see him!

My mom would not let go of him and let the rest of us have a turn!

This is one of my favorite pictures: Bryce and Derek look like they are about to kiss and Rocki is crying hysterically.

Our most current family picture!

Derek said the biggest change in our family was an extra person....Miki! She was born exactly 3 weeks after he left. And of course she was extremely scarred of him.