Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day!

A few weeks ago it snowed, so we decided to try out Mikelle's new snow suit.

Family picture

I tried to teach her how to do a snow angel.

This was her favorite part!

We are definitely ready for the snow and mud to be gone!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas Time!

This year Christmas was fun! I wasn't on bedrest and I didn't have a newborn baby. So I actually got to enjoy it. I felt like I missed last Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we did our annual Christmas Eve party with the Pursley's and the Thatcher's. We figured out we have been doing it for 7 years now.

Before the party I found out that I have cowboys in my family. Who knew?

We had dinner at my parents house. Then went to the Pursley's for a hay ride and white elephant. Then we went to the Thatcher's for a live nativity and cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.

I was so excited for Miki's first real Christmas. She was only 2 days old last year. She loved all her new presents.

She had to try out her new chair.

In November my parents had their 25th wedding anniversary and went to Cabo. They brought home Cabo shirts for everyone. So we took a picture and sent it to Derek since Cabo is in his mission.

Cute Little Mik

I love my baby girl

4 generations


That night we got to talk to Derek for 2 1/2 hours. He's doing really well and has a Mexican accent. I can't believe he's been out 13 months already!

Miki loved the trampoline. Rocki would take her out and she wouldn't want to come back in, even though it was cold!

All her Christmas and birthday presents. Do you think she's spoiled?!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Miki!

Mikelle had her first birthday on December 23. I can't believe I have a one year old. She's not a baby anymore! On her birthday she was sick, so it made for a miserable day for her and me! She got a ton of presents, but wouldn't open any of them. Once she realized their were toys inside she was pretty excited. I always thought babies liked the wrapping paper and boxes the best, but she definitely liked the toys better.

Me trying to convince her to open the present.

She finally realized she liked having a birthday.

She did not want to sit in her high chair and eat cake.

I held her and fed her and she realized cake is pretty good.

She finally decided she would sit in the high chair and eat.

Here are her one year stats:
Weight: 21 lb 11 oz 74%
Height: 30.5 in 85%
Head: 44 cm 22%

So she's still a big girl with a small head! She's learning a ton everyday. She has taken 4 steps, but she knows she's faster at crawling, so it's hard to get her to want to walk. She can stand up on her on really well and even walk around pushing toys, but won't do it alone. Her favorite word is baby and will call anyone under 5 a baby. She learned how to say trampoline and grandpa while we were in Thatcher for Christmas. She already knows how to throw tantrums and has thrown herself into walls and has hurt herself. She will pretend like she is going to come to you and and the last second turn a different direction and run away and she even fake laughs. She started doing that at church!
We love our Miki and are so glad we had her year ago!